About Chapman's Professional Lawn Maintenance

Welcome to the Chapman’s family! We appreciate every opportunity to grow our business and to continue to raise the standard of lawn care and landscape design throughout Florida.

Chapman’s was established in 1972 and has provided impeccable service on every job we complete. Today, Chapman’s is owned by Linda Chapman and continues to provide the highest-quality lawn care services to all clients! At Chapman’s Professional Lawn Maintenance, we value communication with our team and clients. Almost any lawn company can buy new mowers and equipment, dress their crews in matching t-shirts, and go make a bunch of promises to get work. We find that providing the service that meets and exceeds the standards of the clients is a different accomplishment entirely. Our experience has shown us that it’s even less about how “good” we are at what we do and more about how our customers want things done.

We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate. You can rest assured that knowing your property is in the best, professional hands that actually care about you and your lawn/landscape desires.

Chapman’s is a fully licensed, insured, and full-fledged property maintenance company. In just a few short years, we will be celebrating our 50th year in business! We are committed to continue building the family legacy while providing service that is the way that Lawn care is meant to be. We encourage all interested parties to work with us and see why COMMUNICATION and EXPERIENCE matter.

We look forward to working with you to improve your lawn service and landscaping experience and make your property all that you hoped it could be.


Meet Ron Chapman, the original founder of Chapman’s! He loved taking care of his clients’ lawn and property maintenance.


Our children may not be a part of the main team, but they loved to help out when they can!

About Chapman’s Lawn Maintenance