Award Winning Lawn Care Services

A beautiful, well-maintained lawn is the first detail of your home visitors will notice. It’s a symbol of your dedication to your property and overall community. At Chapman’s Professional Lawn Maintenance, it’s our goal to service and maintain your lawn through professional lawn care services. Since 1972, our team has provided the highest-quality lawn care services to residential and commercial customers throughout Tampa Bay.

Our Lawn Care Services include:

  • Lawn Mowing – Our team will evenly mow lawn on all sides of your property. The ideal height for each blade of grass is approximately 4 inches or higher during growing season. During dormant months, grass should be approximately 3 inches. These height adjustments are important for the overall health of your lawn.
    Weekly services range from May 1st to October 31st. Bi-Weekly services range from November 1st to April 30th.
  • Line Trimming – Areas around planting beds, foundations, and trees will be evenly cut to give your lawn a neat and organized appearance. Our team will adhere to the height of your lawn in freshly cut lawn. This will eliminate the presence of overgrown grass around these areas and provide your property with an enhanced visual appeal.
  • Edging – Similar to our line trimmings services, our team will provide weekly edging services to keep your lawn visually pleasing. Our team will edge grass near street edges, sidewalks, flowerbeds, bushes, and tree rings. Though a small detail, lawn edging will greatly increase your property’s curb appeal.
  • Shrub and Hedge Trimming – The goal of our shrub and hedge trimming services is to prevent these plants from over-growing and taking on a “messy” appearance. All shrubs and hedges will be trimmed weekly and bi-weekly depending on type of plant material.
  • Power Blowing – Once your lawn has been cut and trimmed properly, our team will use power blowers to remove any debris and grass clippings from your property.
  • Trash Removal – Our team will remove and dispose of any trash or unwanted debris present on your lawn. Excessive debris removal will incur a higher fee. Trash and debris removal services do not apply to storm damage.
  • Weed Control – Our team will remove and prevent weeds from growing and overtaking your flower beds. We’ll also ensure no weeds grow through pavement or in pavement cracks.

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As Florida’s premier lawn care service and commercial property maintenance company, Chapman’s Professional Lawn Maintenance will keep your lawn and landscape looking amazing all year. To learn more about our residential or commercial lawn care and landscape design services, call us today at 727-641-8062 to schedule a no-cost consultation.